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Below are REAL testimonials and reviews from REAL clients that have worked with Reset Your Space.


I contacted Karen at Reset Your Space to help us when we moved. She came and helped me clear clutter, and helped to organize my kitchen and laundry room in the new house to maximize efficiency. She organized the pantry, cabinets, shelves, and refrigerator/freezer. I couldn't be happier with the service I received. She was very nice and fun to work with from beginning to end. She saved me from a lot of stress! I highly recommend Karen and Reset Your Space!

- Jodi P.


Please go check out my dear friend Karen Leko and her side hustle. She is amazing at Resetting your Space. She came and did my teenagers rooms and let me tell you that was a GAME CHANGER. She can organize anything and does it with a SMILE. Please check her out. 

- Stephanie J.


Karen is amazing! She has creative ideas and is so encouraging! She makes a seemingly daunting project fun and inspiring. Karen has so much energy that I can't even believe how much we can get done together in just three hours. I can't wait to work with her again!

- Julianna S.


I absolutely LOVED working with Karen in multiple spaces throughout my home. She has helped me clearly think through how to organize my clutter one drawer at a time. One of my very favorite things is that all of the trash and donated items are taken away at the end of your session! I know we will be using her again this summer to work on our garage.  

- Erika R.


We moved several months ago. Since I work from home, we have a dedicated home office. During the move it became a catch-all space, especially the closet. Thanks to Karen, it's all organized now, and all of my work-related materials are where they should be, shelved in a logical and neat matter, and I have easy access to everything I need. There is no way I would have been I to tackle the job alone; it was too overwhelming. 

- Jim F.

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